Aout TAG Heuer Link Lady White And Blue-Grey

bezel (above), the Link Lady’s history initially began life as a feminised Link. 2012 when the tag heuer threw out this template and a few situations, launched a new round of design (below). And this design has high hopes, disappointing sales, many of the key point of view to share too much with OMEGA ladymatic design. Despite being offered a series of quartz and automatic movement, this is to go back to the drawing board on a tag heuer link in the design of contemporary Link lady.

The new link gives up a previous model of circular shape, which facilitates a case of sitting in a conventional circular case, a buffer of the case midway. Baffle from the current model of the people, but more prominent and successful to look at a new men watch. Yes, in case the design of Patek Philippe Nautilus and divers elements, but in view of the gulf in pricing between these watches, it’s a similarity that is unlikely to cause any issues.

All models in the range are 32mm, most of which are in a steel case, although there are two black ceramic models, we will show you soon that looks great. The case and zezel.

Of course, as a Link, the new men watch also offers the famous “Double S” link bracelet, and the series derives its name from it. The links have been redesigned rectangular edges and greater depth due to the hypotenuse. As with the former Link Lady, this best men watch uses an integrated bracelet with the central “lug” part of the case.

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